Anti-Bully Pep Rallies


My name is Epi Quiroga, Organizer and Creator of the “BE NICE” Take the Anti Bully Oath pep rally. Our SABULLY Free campaign started in September 2014. Our mission is to create a safe and bully free learning environment for all kids in the San Antonio and surrounding community. Our anti bully pep rally is high energy with a message that relates to today’s bully issues. We all know that bullies come in different shape, sizes and colors. Our pep rallies are designed to educate and deter bully behavior before it happens. The anti-bully oath is the highlight of our pep rally. The Oath is designed to have all people in attendance including the Bully to make a simple promise to not engage is such behavior. — I learn from visuals. like most, I have to see it to understand it. Our program is designed on simple signage. After each pep rally 3 yard Signs reading (Bully Free Zone) are place in front of the participating school, 1 (Anti-Bully Oath) banner is placed indoors where all student will see each day.  A commitment flag that reads BULLY FREE ZONE which flies high on the schools Flag pole for the community to see. This program is simple and easy to implement in all schools. and the best part about it, it really works.   Together we can make a difference in our community.